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Kayak Crossing From Llachon to Taquile Island + Titicaca Uncovered 1 Day

kayal luquina

Titicaca Kayak at Luquina 1 Day

A perfect full day adventure at the highest navigable Lake in the world, Experience the hidden beauties Of Lake Titicaca while paddling by the shores of the peninsula of Chucuito, [...]
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Solar Beings 4 Days

Solar Beings 4 Days

Lake Titicaca is considered as one of the strongest energy vortexes in the planet. It was one of the most important pilgrimage centres in the ancient Andean world. Thousands of [...]
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Mother Lake 2 Days

Explore the mysticism of Amantani Island and the magic of Lake Titicaca that was considered in the ancient Andean traditions as the “Mother Lake”. By travelling on its blue transparent [...]
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Ticonata Experience & Amantani 2 Days

Ticonata is a small island located on the northwest sector of Lake Titicaca, a place full of authentic culture, recent pre-Incan archaeological findings and spectacular landscapes. A wonderfull option in [...]
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