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1 day Titicaca Uncovered (Titicaca Express) Luxury Tour

  • Lake Titicaca

1 day Titicaca Uncovered (Titicaca Express) Luxury Tour

  • Duration :1 day
  • Difficulty:Easy
  • Altitude:3,812 m.s.n.m

Some times travelers report the Lake Titicaca Islands being a bit touristy. Let Us show you its true face and taking you in an authentic cultural experience. Lake Titicaca is considered as the highest navigable lake in the world, and today it is the second main tourist attraction In the Peruvian tourism. The fact of just getting to Puno – Peru at Lake Titicaca shores is an adventure, then you deserve a memorable experience. The “Titicaca Uncovered” Tour is a creative answer to some feedback of many travelers that report Lake Titicaca islands being touristy. This idea is the product of a narrow perspective. Lake Titicaca Is massive with more than 8,400 km2, 170 kilometers length, has countless of none visited islands , indigenous communities that had stand in the time, idyllic landscapes waiting to be discovered. And The TITICACA UNCOVERED Tour will approach you to This Experiences.

This trip was carefully designed and suits all travelers; don’t get discouraged by Altitude or hikes. You will have plenty of time to make it at your own peace and enjoyment.

Edgar Adventures offer You :Tours to the most Popular destinations in Peru including : Machu Picchu Tours , Nazca Tours, Lake Titicaca Tours. We have the most reliable orgatization for Puno tours in Lake Titicaca Peru. Travel To Lake Titicaca via exclusive Titicaca trips : Classic Titicaca island trips , Titicaca deluxe tours, Tours to Uros and Taquile islands, home stay on Amantani island.

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