Titilaka , All Inclusive – Style Hotel

Day 1 – Titilaka , All Inclusive – Style Hotel

Location: Charcas, at the Peninsula of Titilaca. Tel. (51 1 700 5100)

Fly into Juliaca or take the train to Puno before being picked up by Titilaka’s driver to transfer to the Chucuito Peninsula. The 45-minute leg from Puno to the property is breathtakingly beautiful-think rolling rural land, this all-inclusive resort sits on a private peninsula. Don’t let the minimalist exterior or remote location of Titilaka mislead you; the hotel’s privileged location makes it the ideal getaway for guests who insist on privacy. After all, the 18-room boutique property is situated at 3,810 meters above sea level. The interiors of this posh hotel are just a lovely, as suites are spacious and simply but luxuriously decorated colorful rugs that adorn hard-wood floors, ample lighting and a magnificent view of the seemingly infinite Lake Titicaca. All rooms come equipped with a mini-bar, plasma TV and wireless telephone. This excellent locale also boasts private massage therapy rooms, a heated swimming pool, sauna and wrap-around terraces. In the restaurant, expect creative Andean cuisine. More than a dozen complimentary excursions include mountain biking to Inca Anatawi, rowing through the reeds, touring local colonial churches. A highlight is a visit to the Uros floating islands. Prices are all-inclusive of excursions, meals, Wi-Fi and transfers to and from the hotel. There’s also a small boutique.

Facilities and Hotel Services: Capacity: 18 rooms, mostly with lake views | Restaurant & bar: with great views to the lake | Laundry | Room service | Internet: wifi | Spa: Massage room | Gym | Gift shop | Swimming pool: Heated | Other Facilities: parking, gardens, Travel assistance, fireplace. Activities: Hikes, boat rides, tours, visits.

Trip Advisor / Travelers Rating * 5

Price per person per night – All Inclusive system + Transport + Tours

Hotel Rates

Dusk Room: Single: $ 1,127 / Double: $ 1,450 Ad. Bed: $ 725

Dawn Room: Single: $ 897 / Double: $ 1,184 Ad. Bed: $ 595

Our rates

Dusk Room: Single: $ 1,014 / Double: $ 1,305 Ad. Bed: $ 652

Dawn Room: Single: $ 807 / Double: $ 1,065 Ad. Bed: $ 535



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Titilaka , All Inclusive – Style Hotel

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