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Andean Altars 1 Day: Aramu Muro +Chucuito

  • Lake Titicaca

Andean Altars 1 Day: Aramu Muro +Chucuito

  • Duration :1 Day
  • Difficulty:Easy
  • Altitude:

In the last decades the kundalini of the planet has moved from the Tibet to the Andes. In this process ancient power places started to awaken again around Lake Titicaca region and Islands. Slowly the Andes is attracting light seekers, because it is destined to become the new Tibet of earth. This trip will take you to discover the Aramu Muro doorway, considered for some as a star gate. It is located on the Ajayu Marca ( Village of the spirits) a extraordinary site that surprises by its curious rocky formations and landscapes. In addition visit Chucuito and the Inca temple of the fertility.


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